Rahim Hassanally – Founder of Momentum Auto Group

Rahim Hassanally is the owner of the Momentum Auto Group and is also appointed as the secretary for the Toyota Lexus Minority Dealers Association Board of Directors and he was among the member of the National Automotive Dealers Association and the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers Board of Directors. He was also among the member of the Administration Committee, Chairman of the Policy and Procedure Committee and a Board Member of American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA) which is the only national trade association representing America’s 9,600 international nameplate automobile franchises in Washington, D.C.

At age 16, Rahim Hassanally began selling cars at Colonial Chrysler–Dodge–Jeep in Dallas under his high school work–study program. After 60 days he was selling 25 to 30 vehicles a month. By the time he was 24, he had worked at three local dealerships and has been promoted to general sales manager and had earned a bachelor’s degree in political science at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. When he was about 28 years he bought his first dealership which is located in Fairfield, California. He now operates 16 franchises that have more than 500 people.

Initially Rahim Hassanally wanted to become a lawyer and has taken admission into a law school, but he leaves that opportunity in order to pursue his career in the automotive retailing industry. He believes on two key philosophies which include making the customer happy and keep expenses in line. He runs his own business on a percentage metric that is by allocating specific percentages of his budget to areas such as advertising, supervision compensation and data processing which means that he spends less when revenues are down and retains more net profit when revenues are up. His philosophy served him well during the recession.

Rahim Hassanally is the President and Dealer Principal of Momentum Auto Group, Fairfield. His company Momentum Auto Group proves itself again as a top dealership in Solano County with a plan to respond to customer needs quickly during their allocation of a new management. At a very young age, he comes to know that he is not meant for his family business and he wanted to do something different.  Thus, after spending lot of time in the automobile industry, he opens his own chain of company and is appointed as one of the members of several board communities.

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