Electro PFunk Release date 18.08.14. with Remix package feat Soulpersona, Wideboys, Vince Nysse.

In the wreckage of musical devastation on planet earth 2014, two star blazed electronic soul
pilgrims could be seen falling through the invisible ocean known as Earth's atmosphere...
It was immediately clear that a collective of humans who inhabited this planet were blissfully unaware and had almost forgotten the Funk...
Where were the jaw dropping vocals, anthemic 80's synth melodies, talkboxes & vocoders, femme fatale vocalists (with enormous BIG HAIR) and thundersome (yes that is a word) BASSLINES to power entire galaxies?
Bursting forth with a shared vision of creativity to uplift the old and fuse the new....
Wonderlush bring you...Electro P-Funk!

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