The last night of a trio of live performances in London was brought to an excellent conclusion to a sold out, packed house at the Jazz Cafe on Monday 24th June. Can't recall the last venue I've been to where the women out numbered the men by at least 3 to 1. The ladies and lucky gents inside were not disappointed and treated to a vintage live performance.

Usually the hype fails to deliver as promised, but there was an expectant and positively buzzing atmosphere inside and outside the venue. Industry bods and hardcore Eric fans could hardly move inside the venue. When the man arrived on stage he was greeted with loud screams and roars of approval from the audience, at that moment you knew it was going to be a special night.

At one point he whipped the ladies into a frenzy by teasing them and confirming that the rumours about his personal life were true. Throughout, his singing, vocal range and quality of songs proved he is the genuine article, effortlessly holding those falsetto notes, reading and feeding off the energy of the audience with deep felt emotion, honesty and plenty of soul.

It's so reassuring to know that the art and traditions of the past masters is firmly alive in 2013. I have to admit to have overlooked Eric's talent in recent years. However, I feel blessed to have personally met the man who is warm and humble back stage in contrast to his huge stage presence. Look out for the Jordan House Records label and the release of new material later this year. 


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