Swedish Soul Funk Grooves

I knew this question was about to come, to be honest it´s weird that the the scene isn´t bigger. This first link covers the 1979 - 2005 and there more to follow...or is it?

From Mats Nileskärs P3-Soul that we all started to listen to since 1978 things are in my opinion very slow. Maybe cause we are so "american-rock-n-roll" oriented. The truth is before 1978 there was hardly any soul played on the radio. The biggest impact on me was MRS 90,5 with their early 80´s shows with (Rinkeby International) Brother Memo, Miss Funky Fly, Kennet.S and the rest of the pioneers.

May The Funk Be With You is my tribute in my blogg to theese pioneers when they touched down with their spaceship on planet earth for the first time since cellphones needed at 12 volt car battery.

This is what we need a movement that understands the foundation, but also without being afraid what the future brings across.

Much Love. K

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